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The individual adhesive strips are for the individual or (1) sheet documents. The hanger applicator, if purchased, makes it easier to apply individual strips to documents. Hangers will go through most copiers/scanners; however, we recommend you confirm this with your equipment supplier as there are some exceptions to this.


Staple StripsSTANDARD - The black strips are used to attach 2-40 sheet sets with a normal stapler. The staples should go all the way through & close tightly. Difficulties with a regular stapler, should be addressed by using instead a heavy-duty or commercial stapler.

HEAVY - The white strips with the metal on top are used to staple 40+ page sets with a heavy- duty commercial stapler. You will want to staple the front & back of the larger sets. The goal is not to put the staple completely through the strip & out the other side - just allow the staple to go in just far enough to stay straight. Therefore, if and when you want to get sets apart in the future, it will be easier to do. So, use staples that are just shy of going completely through the strips. By stapling on the front & back, it will be like they are woven together for best results. Again, the staples DO NOT & SHOULD NOT need to go all the way through & crimp or close together.


For those documents that you don’t want to staple, stick or file in an envelope, Easi File offers a clamp solution that will hold up to 125 sheets. Top bolts can be easily opened by hand or with a wrench and your documents slide right in. Clamps come in 24”, 30” & 36” options. 


Pro One EnvelopesPro One EnvelopeEasi File Polyethylene Envelopes (Pro-One Envelopes) are manufactured from “Clear Anti- Static Polyethylene” with added strength. In general they are considered to be of archival and acid free quality. Great for storing training or equipment manuals, marketing materials (ie/ finish boards), CD’s (Available in 14 different configurations).

Out Cards


Remove a file, leave an out card with your initials to let your colleagues know where the document can be found and allow for easier filing when you are through with it.


Similar to a binder, divider cards provide additional sorting of documents in to sections.

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