The Solutions & Benefits of Owning an EASI FILE System

  • 30-40% Cost Saving - over flat drawer files and comparable units.
  • 69% Space Savings - over conventional flat drawer files (just one EASI FILE unit has the capacity to hold the same number of documents 15 flat file drawers, that’s 3 five-drawer cabinets while taking up 69% less floor space and substantial space is saved when compared to clamp files systems.
  • 3x Faster - than conventional file retrieval and return.
  • Easy, Ergonomic, Efficient, Environmental
  • Organized - documents can be organized in any way you choose. By date, by project, by client etc.
  • Sets Remain Together - sets can be filed as sets not just single sheets.
  • No More Files Falling Out Of Clamps - documents remain together until you chose to separate.
  • Drawings Stay Flat - No more drawings that curl up while you try to read them.
  • Is Easy to Operate - all retrieval of documents are done at standing level, no stooping or bending.
  • Is Easy to Use - eye level file identification and the complete document can be viewed without removal.
  • Convenient - hooks are provided on the front door to accommodate temporary storage.
  • Better Document Protection – Water & fire resistant construction
  • More Versatile - almost any size and type of document may be actively stored including plans, blueprints, maps and digital media.
  • Has Quicker Indexing - direct identification and colour coding to make locating and sorting quicker.
  • Has Solid Security - products are fitted with a lock.  Additional security features are also available.
  • Is Built to Last - welded 18 gauge steel construction.
  • Warranty - no other company offers a Life Time warranty

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