EasiFile manufactures and markets Secure Vertical Steel Filing Cabinets for storing blueprints (plans, maps, film, printed circuit boards, artwork, aerial mapping etc). EasiFile’s vertical filing cabinets supersede flat, clamped and rolled-up filing systems. This vertical filing system is easier to operate, takes considerably less floor space and requires substantially less time to locate and return documents to storage.

•MOST EFFICIENT! EasiFiles are a user-friendly and cost-effective large document storage system for active or archival storage. EasiFiles are effective and versatile.
•SAVES TIME! Effortless sorting and indexing allows documents to be retrieved and replaced in mere seconds.
•SAVES SPACE! Uses 69% less floor space (one EasiFile stores as much as fifteen conventional flat file drawers and more space is saved if documents are presently rolled up).
•SAVES MONEY! Costs 30% to 45% less than other types of storage.
•SECURE! EasiFiles come with a lock. For sensitive documents, additional security is available upon request.

Secure, organize and store documents from 8 1/2" x 11" to 44" x 72" by choosing the Easi File system that best  repersents your document storage needs. All retrieval and return to storage of your documents is done at the standing position. No stooping, kneeling, bending or climbing to retrieve documents. YOUR DOCUMENTS ARE SECURED, ORGANIZED, AND STAY FLAT! Every document can be viewed without being removed from the cabinets. Direct document identification makes locating and sorting a far more efficient process. Projects can be separated by dividers for further organization and all EasiFiles are fitted with a lock (additional security systems are also available). Documents are stored vertically so no more curled up sheets that are cumbersome to work with and Easi Files are fire and water resistant.

Aerial Mapping
Infrustructure Plans
Navigational Charts
Mechanical Drawings
Buildings Plans
Electrical Drawings
Architectural Drawings
Site Plans
Floor Plans
Street Maps
Digital Media
Large-format plans
Manufacturing Patterns
Topographical Charts

The Most Efficient and Ergonomic Filing System in the World

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