The ease of access is a major benefit, our maps are not only easy to get to, but are smooth and protected

- Diana Hevener
Records Manager
County Clerk's Office

Diana Hevener, Records Manager for the County of Cape May, NJ, has the daunting responsibility of making sure that the nearly 11,000 maps required to be on Public Record are easily accessible and protected.  

Prior to Easi File, the county's maps were folded and put in 8 Yz" x 11" accordion folders and original Mylars were stored in flat files. Both of these filing methods were inadequate.  

"The creases in the folded maps sacrificed their integrity and this damage made them difficult for the surveyors to read accurately," stated Ms. Hevener, "And the Mylars stored in flat files were impossible to remove and replace without damaging them". Set on finding a remedy for their filing frustrations, the County researched possible solutions. They found Easi File and decided to give it a try. "The ease of access is a major benefit," stated Ms. Hevener, "so, our maps are not only easy to get to, but are smooth and protected".  

Having found the solution to the inefficiencies of their prior filing methods, the County Clerk's Office in Cape May, NJ now stores all their maps in Easi Files.

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