The ease of access is a major benefit, our maps are not only easy to get to, but are smooth and protected

- Diana Hevener
Records Manager
County Clerk's Office

With Easi File, there's no damage to the drawings. They don't get torn or dog-eared. They just hang there, nice and neat. It's a great system

- Larry Kappel
Chief of Facilities
Bassett Army Community Hospital

Thank you again for your help and efforts ... the hangers are tremendous!!

City of Cranbrook


Yes huge difference and much better way of handling and organizing our drawings! We fit all 4 racks (completely full) into the 3 cabinets with room for the future 10-15 maybe even 20 years of drawings.
We are very happy with the cabinets! Great product

Facilities/Planning Director- Vancouver Island University

I have no reservations in recommending Easi File. The quality is great. It's really the best system out there

- Jaime Ledo
Tallahassee, FL

I Love this system, I can actually walk into this room and find what I'm looking for. The organizational capability of Easi Files is terrific.

- Anders Anderson
Engineering Department
World Bank, Washington DC

We are quite happy with the cabinets and have found it quite easy to transfer the rolled documents to the filing systems – sorting and adding document s has appears to be much easier for staff. We are looking forward to the addition of the third unit to our filing system.

 Director of Planning & Development- Town of Bonnyville 

We love it!  It makes things so much easier.

City of Steinbach

...we've never used anything else. Easi Files are so easy to use and retain the integrity of our documents".

- Randa Milljour
Engineering Department
City of Encinitas, CA

Love it! (When asked how the satisfaction level was with their EF200)

- Maggie Parker
Eagle Lake First Nation

We have been using the Easi File cabinet for a year now and have been very impressed with the functionality they provide.

Manager of Facilities- Saskatoon Airport

From my point of view the #1 benefit is knowing what I have, and being able to find it easily

Organized Easi File Client

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