Out Cards enhance document control by:

Inserting an Out Card when a document is retrieved ensures that plans are re-filed correctly in proper order, minimizing employees down-time searching through thousands of documents to find the one they are after.

Inserting an Out Card when a document is retrieved noting which document was retrieved and by whom, minimizes stress and down-time spent by employees searching around the office for the missing plans. 

Divider Cards help to:

Organize your documents further by sub-categories for quicker indexing, and less down-time spent retrieving and filing documents.

Locking cabinets for greater document control:

Locking cabinets provide extra securityIf missing plans are an on-going issue, a centralized sign-out system is a good step for increasing document control.  Our locking cabinets support this procedure, giving one or two individuals the responsibility of monitoring the location of the plans, saving your office time and cost for re-prints. 

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